4 Ways to Add Attractive Deck Lighting

4 Ways to Add Attractive Deck Lighting

Whether you live in a row home in town or a single in the suburbs, your deck adds valuable living space to your home and can be your own private haven to escape the world. Now more than ever, decks are becoming a multi-season hot spot for family time, social events, and even the home office. This makes deck lighting more important than ever before!

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It’s easy to continue your outdoor enjoyment into longer evenings with attractive deck lighting that enhances both visibility and safety. With these popular deck lighting ideas for inspiration, you’ll be able to design the most enviable deck lighting in the Philly Suburbs!

  1. In-stair Deck Lights Add Ambiance and Safety
    In-stair lights are a great way to add focused lighting where you need it most. These lights are installed from behind the riser with shades on the plate that shine the light down to the stair tread. The subtle effect offers stair safety after dark without filling the whole deck with bright light.

    The plates blend in nicely with the stairs, so these lights are barely noticeable during the day. Because of their placement, in-stair deck lights are typically wired into your home, which makes them a reliable safety feature. Set these lights on a timer or wire them to a switch or smart device to only use them when needed.

  2. Recessed Lights for a Sleek and Modern Look
    Recessed lights nestle right down into a pocket to give your deck just the right amount of light without getting in the way. These lights are popular in railings and in deck flooring at open edges. The LED bulbs stay cool to the touch, so there’s no danger of burning little feet or paws, and the mounts are flush to the deck material to prevent trip hazards. Recessed deck lights are typically a small profile light, so think of these for safety and ambiance rather than full night lighting.
  3. Hanging Lights Add a Festive Feel
    String lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore! These festive lights are all the rage now and come in many varieties from large café bulbs, to twinkling fairy lights, to star shapes, to LED cords, and more. Whether you string them over your patio table, throughout the pergola, or simply around the perimeter of your outdoor space, these lights add whimsy to your dinner party.

    When buying hanging lights, be sure to purchase strings that are rated for outdoors and avoid connecting too many strings to a single outlet source. Alternatively, hanging pendant lights are a great way to bring the indoors out with more traditional shades and better overhead light control. Add a dimmer switch to these to adjust for parties, intimate dinners, or cozy night reading.

  4. Post Lights Define Your Space
    Post lights offer uniform perimeter lighting at night while blending right back into the façade during the day. One of the most traditional lighting options, post lights come in just about every shape and style to guarantee a great match with your existing deck posts. This type of lighting can be hard-wired through the posts, or many solar options are available as well. With post lights, take a good look at how the cap secures to the fixture. When high winds and storms blow through the area, you don’t want to worry about losing loose fitting light caps.

Deck Lighting That Will Make the Neighbors Jealous!
Whether you’re designing the new deck of your dreams or sprucing up your existing deck, lighting is a crucial element to maximizing this outdoor living room. Extend your time outside well into the night with custom outdoor lighting that fits your lifestyle and budget. Keep in mind that professionally installed lights tend to be long-lasting and energy efficient. Contact us for a free estimate on the lighting scheme that shows off your deck in its best light.

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