Pre-Season Pool Electrical Safety

Pre-Season Pool Electrical Safety

The days are getting longer, and the sun is shining warmer. As winter gives way to spring, pool owners all over our area are counting down the days to opening their summer oasis for the season. One important component of getting the pool ready that’s often overlooked is verifying pool electrical safety. Winter weather puts stress on even the sturdiest outside electrical equipment. Once the spring thaw is here to stay, make a point to check all over the pool for signs of winter damage. If you see anything in the electrical system that looks rusty or corroded, schedule electrical maintenance well before your planned opening date. We’ll make sure your pump, lighting, and wiring are in good order and working efficiently.

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Can Pool Maintenance Lower My Electric Bill?

It’s no secret that investing in a pool means committing to higher electric bills, but how much higher? How your pool impacts your electric bill will depend on several factors:

  • Is the pool’s electrical system operating efficiently?
  • Does the pool get several hours of direct sunlight each day?
  • Do you use a solar cover?
  • Do you skim or vacuum often to avoid filter clogs?
  • Have you converted to solar or energy efficient pool lighting?

Maintaining a clean pool and taking advantage of the sun go a long way in managing pool costs, but keeping the electrical system in good order will still have the biggest impact. It’s important to visually inspect the components on your own by looking for rust, oxidation, and corrosion. Make sure there are no exposed wires and keep an eye out for lights that are running hot, flickering, or working intermittently.

Call the Electricians for Pool Electrical Systems

Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix very well, and yet we use electricity to keep just about every swimming pool functioning. Your pool’s electrical system is not a great opportunity for DIY projects. Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) is a serious risk when it comes to electrical connections and bodies of water, so bring in the experts for this job.

Our technicians are trained in the unique electrical systems used for pools. We know what to look for, and our top priority is making sure your family and friends have a safe pool to enjoy all summer. By making electrical service part of your standard pool maintenance routine, you’ll keep your system running efficiently and minimize hazardous risks.

End of Season Pool Electrical Maintenance

As night swims give way to campfires, and weekends mean gathering around the flat screen instead of gathering around the water, you realize it’s time to close the pool for the season. While going through your annual closing routine, be sure to include a thorough visual inspection of the electrical system. If you see anything that doesn’t look quite right, give us a call. When you add an electrical component maintenance checkup to your winterization plans, you’ll save money and keep your pool in great condition for years to come.

Owning a pool does not have to mean insane summer electricity bills. Schedule your pool’s electrical maintenance this pre-season so that when summer comes, you can afford to really relax and enjoy it.